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DIBELS (8th edition) Class Analysis & Auto composite (All Grades K-8)

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Language Arts

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About This Product

Save time by instantly calculating the composite scores for a classroom. Subtest scores are color-coded and sortable, and aligned with DIBELS risk categories:

Blue = Negligible risk (core support)

Green = Minimal risk (core support)

Yellow = Some risk (strategic support)

Red = At risk (intensive support)

Filter all of your class results by teacher, subtest, or category (Sp. Ed, ELL, etc.) and see color coded performance indicators for your entire class.

This resource will save you a lot of busy-work by automatically finding the composite for each student, and will help with grouping and instructional decisions. For example, does most of your entire class have low fluency scores but high foundational reading scores (Letter naming, phonemic segmentation, nonsense words, etc.)? That would suggest that a class-wide intervention such as repeated reading or sentence repetition might be beneficial. Does the analysis section show that the class is struggling with phonemic segmentation? That would suggest easy bell-ringer activities like the Michael Heggarty books or rhyming, initial / middle / final sound identification, or even phonological awareness skills like compound word segmentation or phonemic segmentation. The color coding feature will help with instructional groupings because you can quickly see which students struggle with which foundational reading skill. It also helps indicate what level of support is needed. If less than half of the class is proficient, is suggests classwide interventions should be a priority. Otherwise, maybe Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions are a better use of your time depending on the severity of the assessment difficulty and how many instructional resources your have at your disposal.

You don't need to waste your valuable time by looking up norms tables or calculating composite scores by hand, because this tool will automatically do all of that for you. Instant calculations, color coding, sorting, and filtering will make your screening data much easier to work with.

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