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Constructing Functions Editable PowerPoint for 8th Grade 8.F.B.4

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Grade 8

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This PowerPoint presentation for 8th grade math covers common core course 8.F.B.4. The focus is constructing linear functions from graphs or tables. There are no brand new concepts compared to previous courses, except the term initial value. There are 11 slides in this presentation.

We will find rates of change and initial values (y-intercepts) from graphs and tables with simple examples.

This PowerPoint is editable, except the pictures. 


  • Recalling that equation of a linear function is of a form y=mx+b (with xy-coordinate plane) 

  • To construct functions, we need to find the right values for m and b

  • Example of picking two points from the graph and calculating the change of y and the change of x. Then we calculate the rate of change by division.

  • Example of finding an initial value from a graph

  • Example of finding rate of change from a table that describes price of pizzas

  • Continuing the pizza example, finding the initial value from a table

  • Meaning of the initial value in this example, for example a delivery cost

  • Constructing the equation from the pizza example

This presentation is part of my series for 8th grade math. You can find more PowerPoints and worksheets from my Teach Simple page:  

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