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Digital Boom Card Deck: Biodiversity and Invasive Species

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Digital Boom Card Deck: Biodiversity and Invasive Species

The Digital Boom Card Deck: Biodiversity and Invasive Species is an engaging teaching resource designed for teachers reaching learners in grades 9 through 12, with a focus on the science subject of biology.

This deck comprises a total of 25 Digital Boom Cards which are interactive, self-grading task cards that aim to reinforce understanding, thus acting as the ideal addition to existing curriculum materials.

Immediate Feedback

An interesting aspect about these cards is an immediate feedback functionality that provides students with instant evaluations on their performance in assessments. This enables immediate correction and reinforces proper understanding of the subject matter. The digital nature of these boom cards makes them perfect for online learning environments; irrespective if it's used purposefully within class or set as homework assignments.

Although you can't edit them freely, a flexible option is provided where specific cards can be hidden from student access if considered unnecessary to their learning process. If preferred, there's also an option to print these digital task cards directly from your download.

Focussed Topics

  • Biodiversity,a losely defined population variables including at-risk species
  • Vulnerable species
  • Invasive/native species
  • Natural/human caused extinction
  • Predator-prey relationships

"This comprehensive biological topics package ensures students comprehend how living organisms interact within ecosystems and different environmental factors influencing them."

The Activities Included
  • Group work
  • Classroom games or quizzes.
  • Serves test prep material streamlining student readiness based on identified individual strengths or weaknesses evident through the instant feedback mechanism.

Resource Material

To ensure seamless use of these task cards, a Quick Start guide and walkthrough video have been included as part of the download to ensure efficient utilization whether a beginner in using the Digital Boom Cards or well-versed with this technology.

Students are allowed access anytime on nearly any digital device from desktop computers, laptops, and tablets, to smartphones and interactive whiteboards.

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