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Digital Boom Card Deck: Our Solar System

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Digital Boom Card Deck: Our Solar System

This educational resource leverages digital means to enhance the learning experience concerning our expansive solar system. A highly interactive tool, it propels interest in science subjects, especially astronomy and best suits learners from grades 5 to 8.

Key Features:
  • A set of 25 cards each containing detailed information about different elements of our solar system ranging from the Sun, planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth up to Asteroids and Meteors.
  • The automatic grading feature identifies knowledge gaps immediately and strengthens understanding through swift feedback without increasing paperwork for teachers.
  • Being completely compatible with technological devices like laptops or tablets makes them perfect for distant learning or reinforcing lessons taught in class. They can be utilised during classroom group sessions or given as homework assignments to extend learning beyond teaching hours.

Note: The cards cannot be edited directly on their platform but they come with options that allow educators flexibility; cards can be hidden so students access only what you permit.There's also an option to print these cards straight from the website if physical task cards are preferred.

Additional Support

Besides all these benefits, this tool provides support for newcomers via a Quick Start pdf which simplifies the initial setup process. For those who prefer visual guidance - a walkthrough video is available too!

Important: An active internet connection is required given its digital nature but once set up gaining access becomes readily achievable on various devices such as desktops or personal phones across major platforms like Android or iOS.

Promote Engaging Learning!

Limited not only textbooks — let animations capture students' attention! Make your students active participants rather than passive absorbers of information. By doing so, challenging subjects like Astronomy becomes memorable even if learning from home! Happy Teaching!

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