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Invasive Species Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning Ready

Invasive Species Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning Ready
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

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The Invasive Species Lesson: A Comprehensive Educational Resource

The Invasive Species Lesson, seamlessly integrated with Google Slides and meticulously prepared for distance learning, presents itself as a comprehensive educational resource committed to sparking a captivating and educational perspective on invasive species.

A valuable tool both for educators in traditional school systems and homeschooling scenarios alike. You'll find this resource indispensable when devising insightful lessons tailored to your Grade 6 - Grade 9 Science students—particularly those majoring in Biology.

A Multifaceted Learning Approach Exploring Ecosystem's Impactful Disruptors

  • Includes student and teacher editions of the lesson plan,
  • Packed with multiple mini case studies—a notable one focusing on The Small Asian Mongoose,
  • Furnished with a comprehensive student lesson handout,
  • A succinct four-question Exit Ticket perfect for immediate evaluation.

Educational Convenience at Your Fingertips: Google Classroom Integration & Accessible Formats

This product offers straightforward incorporation into Google Classroom along with ease of planning—considerably convenient features that streamline resources distribution or homework assignment. The resource will easily fit into your requirements whether you use Microsoft Office or not—it also includes versions accessible via Google Docs!

Covered Topics:
  1. Distinguishing native vs. an invasive species,
  2. Evaluating ecological impact by invasive species,
  3. Exploring methods of controlling them,
    1. -Includes consideration through five extreme case discussions-
    , An additional feature:
    Audience-engaging inquiry project complete with grading rubrics.

Easily Adaptable for Remote Learning or Substitute Set-plans: An All-Digital Package

It's worth noting that this package is entirely digital—making it the ideal choice if your class is primarily focused on remote learning or substitute set-plans!

Pedagogic Balance: Engaging without Overwhelming Note-taking

Customized worksheets are provided with intentional blanks to facilitate easy learner participation and rapid assimilation of main points. This student version adopts the same neat design as found in the teacher's copy: strategically underlined and bolded fill-in-the-blank areas promoting effortless tracking during lessons.

The Invasive Species Lesson exists not only as useful tool for educators—but also as an inspiring explorative journey through fauna science that captivates students' attention, saves time by focusing on key points—ultimately ensuring a dynamic, interactive learning environment remains vibrant and productive!

What's Included

Included in the Lesson Package is:

- Office and Google versions of each resource

- The teacher version of the presentation

- The student version of the presentation

- An Inquiry Project on Invasive Species with marking rubric

- FOUR videos embedded into the presentation

- Student lesson handout

- 4-question Exit Ticket

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