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Digital Mother's Day Flipbook

Digital Mother's Day Flipbook
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Mother's Day





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About This Product

  • - Use this educational, fun, and totally digital flipbook to celebrate Mother's Day!

  • - This Digital Mother's Day Flipbook is designed for students in elementary or middle school grades.

  • - This Digital Mother's Day Flipbook resource is a print-friendly PDF version which students can color/decorate their own flipbooks.

  • This Digital Mother's Day Flipbook make great keepsakes for Mother's Day

  • Also, a separate mother figure PDF is included

  • This Digital Mother's Day Flipbook resource includes the following directions:

- write a 3 paragraph story about their mom. Students are to include a beginning paragraph, a middle, and an ending paragraph. Each paragraph should have 3-5 sentences, including at least 10 adjectives.

- write similes/metaphors

- write a limerick paying attention to the rhyming pattern and copy it to create a silly poem about their mom.

- write a list of mom’s top 3 favorite things. Then they are to draw and color pictures in the boxes of their mom doing or enjoying those things.

- complete adjectives/synonyms

- write a letter

  • - In this Digital Mother's Day Flipbook, all of these activities are then presented in colors as well.

Just print and use!

What's Included

This Digital Mother's Day Flipbook includes:

- 1 PDF File for the materials.

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