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Digital Paper: Fire and Ice

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About This Product

Fire and Ice Digital Paper Pack

The Fire and Ice Digital Paper Pack is a top-notch teaching resource, packed with vibrant colors that draw inspiration from the warmth of fire and the cool tones of ice. This engaging collection holds 30 distinct papers, each one sized at 12" x 12". All digital paper files are stored in JPEG format within a zip folder for smooth storage and convenient access.

These Digital Papers are suitable for diverse uses: from featuring in various classroom activities, enhancing scrapbooking projects, spicing up party printables to creating colourful classroom handouts or craft work.

Versatility in Design:

The variety of this digital paper pack's designs make it unique and appealing to educators. Patterns range from single-tone colors like pink, blue or purple to complex designs like polka dots stripes or hearts. Inserting these patterns into lessons or projects makes learning more engaging for students.

Additional Resources:

  • The Ultimate Digital Paper Bundle, available on OldMarket’s store page is perfect if you need an all-in-one solution containing extensive collections of digital papers!

A Multi-functional Resource Kit:

A dynamic addition to any teacher resources kit –the colours collection doesn’t have grade-specific limitations which makes it even more multi-functional! You can expect fire-themed activity complemented by icy hues making learning fun and visually exciting!

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