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Digital Paper: Footprints

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Digital Paper: Footprints

Introducing the Digital Paper: Footprints, an all-in-one set of vibrant and creative materials for various educational activities. This product allows educators to diversify classroom experiences through unique and engaging scenarios.

The package comes with an assortment of 24 digital papers, each sized at 12” by 12”. The papers boast a range of colors including blue, yellow, red, pink, green, orange, black, gray, purple and brown with delightful footprint patterns. Featuring a versatile JPEG file type in a zip folder makes it effort-free to download and use right away.

While this resource is not specific to any grade level or subject area it fits naturally into many classroom settings as well as homeschooling special projects. Its design makes it suitable for decorating classrooms or organizing fun yet educational activities - from craft projects to card making- breathing life into learning environments.


This footprints digital paper could be used in various aspects such as flashcards creation or scrapbooking sessions with students; inspiring them towards materializing their thoughts in an appealing manner. They can even be used while planning themed events within the school setup elevating festivities alongside learning.

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