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Digital Paper: Frozen

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About This Product

The Digital Paper: Frozen

One-stop resource for teachers and homeschoolers seeking engaging, colorful patterns to enhance their educational materials. This pack of digital printable images offers 30 unique and eye-catching designs.

Every design measures 12 inches by 12 inches, providing ample space for large format printing. Each image file format is in jpeg which stores high-quality color data ensuring vibrant printouts every time you use them.

Frozen Colors Collection

This digital paper pack consists of a 'Frozen Colors Collection', giving you access to an array of hues from the frosty spectrum like blues, teals, purples and pinks available in abstract designs like:

  • Chevron,

  • Polka dots,

  • Stars stripes,

  • Other geometric shapes.

This gives your creativity free rein to bring life into your teaching aids whether it be classroom activities or decor.

Versatile Uses Beyond Classroom

Apart from creating interactive games or attractive bulletin boards they are also perfect for:

  • List Scrapbooking endeavors,

Also included in this pack is an ultimate digital bundle feature that ensures you have all the best resources at your fingertips: access all its digital papers.

Intricately curated with education! This package conjoins fun with function in delivering visual aids guaranteed to stimulate learners' imagination while being helpful tools towards effective education delivery.

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