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Dinosaurs eBook Know-It-Alls!

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Dinosaurs eBook Know-It-Alls! is a captivating and informative offering from the unique series of science Know-It-Alls!. This resource, specifically tailored for an engaging yet academic study of Dinosaurs, presents a captivating journey through prehistoric times. Unlike other traditional teaching resources, this eBook aligns special emphasis on handpicked, fascinating scientific facts about the most well-known dinosaur - the Tyrannosaurus.

Despite not being the largest of its kind, it weighed a staggering seven tons and had an impressive length exceeding 40 feet (12 m). This intelligent predator had sharp vision which helped it become one of the fiercest meat-eaters.

This resource discusses dinosaurs in detail along with insights into paleontologists who devote their lives to exploring these now-extinct creatures. Intended for Grades 2 to 4 learners with enthusiasm in Science topics particularly Zoology, teachers can incorporate this dynamic format in diverse ways within their classroom or homeschooling setup. The audio support embedded makes learning interactive and can be exploited as a whole group activity that initiates lively discussions or alternately as independent work allowing students to delve deeper into their interests at their own pace.

  • Other Topics Covered:
    • Snakes
    • Crocodiles
    • Butterflies
    • Farm Animals Safari Babies etc.

The Dinosaurs eBook Know-It-Alls! comes safely packed within a zip file encompassing both audio and ebook formats ensuring accessible delivery without compromising on knowledge dissemination. It is noteworthy that students using this will gain unique perspectives about various species in nature while also understanding specific characteristics about each animal including behaviors and ecosystems.

By extending beyond textual emphasis to auditory aids enabling active participation from learners complete with efficient fact-segregation eases innovative comprehension techniques together making Dinosaurs eBook Know-It-Alls! a valuable resource for curious minds.

What's Included

1 zip file with audio and ebook

Resource Tags

Dinosaurs Science Zoology Paleontology Prehistoric times

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