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Doubles and Halves Speed Test

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Grade 3, 4



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About This Product

The Doubles and Halves Speed Test will have students practice multiplication and division.

There are 66 problems on this speed test.

With this test, students can demonstrate their knowledge of the multiplication table of 2 as well as dividing by 2.

The test is divided into six columns. The first column asks the students to double the digit shown. The second column presents a multiplication of the table of 2, while the third column asks for half of the digit presented. Then the fourth column presents digits to be divided by 2. the fifth column is a mix of multiplications from the table of 2, halves, and doubles of the digits presented.

The last column is also a mix of division, multiplication, doubles, and halves of the digits presented.

The answer key is included.

What's Included

2-page PDF

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