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Early Settlers: History - Hands On

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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

'Early Settlers: History - Hands On' Teaching Resource

Explore the rich tapestry of early American history with this immersive educational resource. Designed for Grades 1 through 4, 'Early Settlers: History - Hands On' takes learning beyond textbooks, inviting students to recreate the lives of America's first settlers in a hands-on, interactive way.

A New Approach to History Lessons

Traditional theoretical instruction takes a backseat with the 'Hands-On' approach:

  • Inspired by true events: Students learn how settlers built huts using materials like sod bricks and straw coverings.
  • Versatile: The activity can be implemented as a group project or as individual homework assignments where each student creates their own miniature settlement at home.

A Seamless Integration into Your Existing Curriculum

This teaching resource comes in the form of seamless lesson plans that are:

  • - Ready to implement: It provides ready-to-implement instructions along with historical context.
  • - Tailored to fit needs: Educators can modify lessons based on different classes and individual students.

Digitally Ready Lessons Plans

The Early Settler's History -Hands-On is available in PDF format ensuring availability on all digital platforms. It also negates any need for specialized software installations.

The Outcome


Redefining classroom instruction, this method captures learners’ curiosity while equipping them with vital historical knowledge leading towards their overall development.

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