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Earth Day Bulletin Board Kit, Door Decor, Be Kind To Our EARTH, Editable

Earth Day Bulletin Board Kit, Door Decor, Be Kind To Our EARTH, Editable
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About This Product

Earth Day Bulletin Board Kit and Door Decor

The Earth Day Bulletin Board Kit and Door Decor is a versatile, fully-editable teaching resource that exudes the spirit of Earth Day. This kit provides educators in various settings - from public schools to homeschooling platforms, the means to create festive visual designs celebrating planet Earth.

The digital format of this product makes it an excellent fit for teachers at the preschool level right up through Grades 1-9. PowerPoint or Google Slides can be employed for easy editing, facilitating adjustments such as amending student names on decor pieces or retooling materials to accommodate class sizes.

  • Included are banners in multiple formats, such as PDF and PNG,
  • Specially designed for Cricut users offering endless decoration possibilities.
  • A black-and-white version if preferred over vibrant colors,

    A central theme within this design motif is environmental consciousness. The key message 'Be Kind To Our EARTH' permeates all designs and offers a powerful talking point to incorporate into lesson plans. It aids in promoting eco-awareness among students by incorporating discussions about sustainability linked with physical decor elements adorning their classroom boards or doors.


    Please keep in mind owing to variations between monitors; visible color may slightly differ once printed onto 8.5 x 11 US Letter paper size therefore slight calibrations may be necessary.

    Purpose Driven Design!

    The core purpose of this comprehensive toolkit: inspire stewardship towards our global home through visually engaging yet educative classroom decor.

What's Included

️1 Zip file has 2 PDF files and 2 PNG files.

1 PPT file (Power Print) You need PowerPoint or Google Slides to edit student names.

All files are high quality. You should have the WinZip program on your computer.

One Saying: In Color & B&W

Be Kind To Our EARTH!

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