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Earth, Sun and Stars

Earth, Sun and Stars
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Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Earth, Sun, and Stars Educational Resource

As an invaluable teaching resource, the Earth, Sun, and Stars product provides educators with a structured approach to introducing the captivating subject of Astronomy in their curriculum. The product features focused units of information about various topics in astronomy. These are designed to captivate students from grades 1 to 3 while enhancing their understanding of this thrilling area of science.

In contrast with many other teaching resources that require significant teacher preparation before implementation, Earth, Sun and Stars is ready for immediate use in the classroom. The tool is designed thoughtfully to save precious lesson planning time without compromising an engaging learning experience for students.

Creative Learning Techniques

This resource strikes a balance between understanding scientific concepts and engaging children's creativity. It includes activities such as:

  • Coloring exercises,
  • Cutting and pasting tasks,
  • Sequencing exercises,
  • Gaming activities;

All these serve as excellent means for teaching scientific principles. Puzzles are also included for comprehensive learning.

Pedagogical Support Materials

The package also incorporates extension activities within the teacher guide along with pertinent background information necessary to answer students' queries about astronomical phenomena under study quickly - giving teachers a more inclusive knowledge base than conventional textbook approaches alone would permit.

Inclusive Lesson Plans & Accessibility

The inclusion of practical lesson plans adds value by structuring content into cohesive storylines suitable for both group work and individual tasks derived from either classroom or homework contexts.
The convenient PDF format addresses potential accessibility issues. Both public school teachers and homeschoolers can access and implement the resource immediately without any delay.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Earth Sun And Stars is a didactic tool thoughtfully crafted by Ed Ortleb – former president of The National Science Teachers Association(FNSTA). He has integrated his vast knowledge into creating a user-friendly yet comprehensive collection of worksheets. These offer young learners an enriched comprehension of the scientific cycle involving earth sun stars.

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