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Earth’s Position In The Celestial Sphere - Google Slides and PowerPoint Lesson

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Earth’s Position In The Celestial Sphere - Google Slides and PowerPoint Lesson

This is an educational resource catered specifically for 9th to 12th graders, concentrating on Earth and Space studies. Spanning across one to two days, this lesson comes with the following:

  • Microsoft Office files
  • Google formats
  • Teacher's version of the presentation
  • A student-friendly format
  • An auto-graded Exit Ticket for swift evaluation
  • A document form student handout, and
  • Four integrated video supplements. The content encapsulates a diverse range of topics that stimulate interactive dialogue including:
    • Zodiacs & constellations
    • Fundamentals of celestial sphere astrometry—declination & ascension , Title: More Comprehensive Topics covered in detail:
      1. Celestial sphere fundamentals and their connection to asterisms,
      2. task. Teachers will find all the resources furnished with duplicate copies made particularly for Google Classroom integration, giving them the benefit of hassle-free addition to their digital teaching strategies.

        Students benefit from fill-in-the-blank exercises spread throughout the lesson, simmering down note taking and offering enough time to steep into collaboration and more profound learning.

        Apart from focus on Earth's Position In The Celestial Sphere, this presentation slides also fold seamlessly into other substantial topics like :

        • The Big Bang Theory,
        • Star Classification & Spectroscopy,
        • The Solar System—from Sun till Oort Cloud,
        • Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion,
        • Origin of Moon its Orbits & Influences.

        For educators willing to unlock a realm understanding astronomical distances or laying a groundwork on electromagnetic radiation spectrum—Earth’s Position In The Celestial Sphere - Google Slides and PowerPoint Lesson is indeed an informative teaching resource that fosters a learner-centered environment.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-2 Word docs

-2 PowerPoints

-2 PDFs

In order, the lesson covers:

The Constellations and Zodiacs


The Celestial Sphere

The Ecliptic



The Earth’s Tilt and the Seasons

Included in the lesson package is:

Google and Office versions of each resource

The teacher version of the presentation

The student version of the presentation

Auto-graded Exit Ticket

FOUR videos embedded into the presentation

Student lesson handout

Resource Tags

celestial sphere constellations ecliptic coordinates seasonal changes interactive discussions

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