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Economics: Comparing Capitalism, Socialism & Communism | A Document Based Activity

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

Discover an engaging and immersive Comparing Capitalism, Socialism & Communism Activity designed for educators looking to deepen their students' understanding of different economic systems in various historical contexts, such as the Cold War and Industrial Revolution Units. This versatile digital resource offers both traditional and Google formats, ensuring a seamless fit with diverse teaching styles.

The activity package incorporates:

1) Warm-up Activity (Infographic Chart): Students explore key distinctions between each economic system and summarize their comprehension.

2) Video Activity: A 15-minute informative public access video paired with a supportive worksheet.

3) Primary Source Excerpts: 15 fascinating excerpts from well-known authors, accompanied by stimulating questions that encourage critical thinking in pairs or individual settings.

4) Comparing Perspectives: Student pairs delve into assigned viewpoints through structured graphic organizers based on the primary source excerpts.

5) Exit Card: Creative cartoon completion exercise for summarizing lesson insights.

Brought to you by 'Learning is a Passion Store', which takes pride in embracing student-centered teaching methods backed by 20 years of experience across grades 6-12. Enhance your lessons today with this comprehensive, interactive digital resource that includes a total of 20 ready-to-print pages, display slides, and Google versions!

What's Included

1 PDF with 20 ready to print pages

1 PowerPoint with 20 ready to display slides

Google Version

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