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Economy & Globalization: The Great Depression Gr. 5-8

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Economy & Globalization: The Great Depression Gr. 5-8

The aptly titled resource, Economy & Globalization: The Great Depression Gr. 5-8, is a teaching tool that delves into the complexities of the global economy and its interdependencies. Equipping students with knowledge from grades 5 through 8, it explores topics as diverse as nationalization versus privatization, the evolution of currency over time— starting from bartering to metal money and then to current modes— and impactful historical events.

The Great Depression

One such discussed event in detail within this plan is The Great Depression. This economic downturn period serves as an immersive learning experience where students can recreate scenes indicating economic struggles faced by people during that time.

Innovative Learning Methods

This resource goes beyond traditional pedagogy by providing engaging debates on international immigration policy or discussions about pros and cons of trends towards economic globalization— leaving your learners analytically equipped. They also have opportunities to develop real-world skills like creating their own multinational companies complete with business proposals.

  • Resource usage extends further than whole class instructions; it can be effortlessly incorporated into smaller groups or assigned as homework for independent study purposes.
  • Its hands-on approach includes activities like conducting currency exchange practical applications using updated rates mimicking an international airport scenario.

Economy & Globalization: The Great Depression Gr. 5-8 also incorporates fun yet educational elements such as crosswords and word searches to reinforce learning, a comprehension quiz for self-paced knowledge check-ins—and all these supplemented by a readily available answer key. As an educator aiming for optimal curriculum alignment with State Standards combined with Bloom's Taxonomy approach, this resource is your ideal companion in journeying through Social Studies Economics subdomain from Grade 5 straight into Grade 8 classrooms delivering enriched lessons.

Universal Accessibility

The accompanying product file comes conveniently in PDF format making it universally accessible irrespective of technology restrictions or geographical boundaries—an indispensable coveted addition enhancing your repertoire of resources ensuring enriched teaching moments are never missed!

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