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Ecosystems and Ecological Succession – A Device-Based Scavenger Hunt Activity

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Ecosystems and Ecological Succession – A Device-Based Scavenger Hunt Activity is a unique educational resource primarily designed for Grade 6 to Grade 9 educators. This innovative teaching tool combines technology with interactive learning experiences to facilitate ability in grasping the concepts of Ecosystems and Ecological Succession.

This activity is structured akin to a scavenger hunt, requiring devices such as Smartphones, Chromebooks, Laptops, or Tablets. For the smooth execution of this activity, it's recommended that there be at least one device per three students. The language utilized accommodates learners from different grade levels - enhancing its flexibility.

The following broad topics are covered:

  • Different aspects of ecosystems ranging from foundational concepts to complex subjects like ecological succession.
  • Biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors in an ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem recovery post deforestation events.
  • In-depth understanding on primary versus secondary succession along with preservation strategies for sustainable ecosystems.

This resource can be effectively employed in whole group instruction settings or smaller student groups based on device availability. Alongside classroom use, it could also serve as homework or study group assignments. The eco-conscious approach involved helps significantly reduce paper usage while maintaining educational quality standards.

User Feedback:

User reviews have been exceptionally positive, highlighting how the scavenger hunt activity boosted student engagement in lesson plan segments. Various methods involving video analysis, word scrambles and web research tasks have reportedly made each part of the scavenger hunt distinctive yet equally educational and entertaining!

In conclusion,
With Ecosystems and Ecological Succession – A Device-Based Scavenger Hunt Activity, you're not just teaching science, but facilitating learning independence through the use of familiar digital devices. This resource melds teaching with the digital age in a truly remarkable way.

What's Included

The Content Includes:

• Ecosystems

• Ecological succession

• Primary vs. Secondary succession

• Deforestation and how ecosystems recover

• Biotic and Abiotic factors

• Sustainable ecosystems

Resource Tags

ecosystems ecological succession device-based learning hands-on learning technology

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