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Invasive Species - Device-Based Scavenger Hunt Activity - Let the Hunt begin!

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Invasive Species - Device-Based Scavenger Hunt Activity

Designed for students in grades 6 through 9 studying biology and science-related topics, this resource recycles traditional paper-based methods by incorporating modern technology such as smartphones, Chromebooks, laptops or tablets for a fun and engaging learning workout.

The Activity

During the scavenger hunt activity, students:

  • Are divided into groups
  • Are deployed to various locations
  • Solve interactive tasks associated with QR codes
These tasks vary from video analysis and simulations to creative writing prompts - all regarding invasive species locally and globally. They also cover risks to biodiversity due to invasive species while allowing opportunities for extended studies on control methods.

The Features

A formative assessment feature:

This allows every task completed by students to serve as both a learning opportunity and an assessment of their understanding of the topic.

Potential for Differentiation:

You can use this scavenger hunt activity in class with each student taking part or assign it as homework. This flexibility caters to your classroom needs or teaching style.

Optimal Use:

One device per three-student group is suggested. These devices could range from tablets, laptops or even smartphones. Kenan's note: younger learners love fun-filled activities that don’t feel like standard classroom work: this makes sure they remain engaged throughout their studies hence why your class will particularly appreciate our Invasive Species – Device-Based Scavenger Hunt. In closing we emphasize that our main aim remains delivering comprehensive knowledge fully aligned with curriculum requirements concerning invasive species. We further offer other relevant related activities touching on varying subjects like biodiversity & ecological succession which you might want explore if you plan to comprehensively cover the larger ecosystem topic.

We hope that by using this scavenger hunt activity in your classroom, your students will enjoy learning and exploring science in an active, engaging and meaningful way.

What's Included

The Content Includes:

• Invasive Species

• Locale Applications

• Case Study

• Risks to Biodiversity

• Invasive Species control

Resource Tags

scavenger hunt invasive species interactive learning formative assessment device-based

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