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Email Etiquette Mini Unit: Appropriate and Professional Emails

Email Etiquette Mini Unit: Appropriate and Professional Emails
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About This Product

Email Etiquette Mini Unit: Appropriate & Professional Emails

This invaluable educational tool is designed specifically for students in grades 6 through 12, teaching them the art of e-communication. The focus is on understanding, appreciating and adhering to proper email etiquette - a critical skill set in today's digital age.

An Evergreen Resource

The mini unit offers more than just foundational education. It's a resource that can be used throughout the academic year and includes both digital and printable components. Real-life examples engage students and demonstrate how these skills apply in many aspects of their lives.

Specially Designed Tools for Teachers

  • A PowerPoint Presentation: An editable, 19-slide PowerPoint presentation has been included to be covered over three to five days depending on class pace.
  • Worksheets for Reflection: Worksheets are provided which include note sheets for analysis reflection.
  • Interactive Learning Activities:: Practical activities facilitate experiential learning. Customizable worksheets enable you to tailor lessons to your student's unique needs.

Inclusive Lesson Plans

The package comes with comprehensive lesson plans designed for implementation over three days but could be extended or shortened as needed. These plans have been created compatible with Microsoft or Google platforms ensuring easy integration into any technological setup.

Lifeskill cum Academic Module

This unit would particularly benefit educators seeking resources bridging the divide between academic knowledge and practical life skills especially where they intersect with progressive business norms.

Email Etiquette Mini Unit helps empower students with not just knowledge but also confidence when engaging in critical life aspects such as professional email communication in a digital society. It can qualify as whole class instructions or can be broken down into small group sessions or homework assignments. Its flexibility and adaptability is its key strength.

What's Included

- EDITABLE PowerPoint (19 slides, including real examples of emails I've received from students)

- 12 Worksheets - digital and printable including:

---notes sheets

---practical activities

---EDITABLE worksheets available so you can customize for you student's needs

- Detailed 3-day lesson plans

- Can use be uses with Microsoft or Google platforms

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