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End of Year Fortune Tellers

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About This Product

These End of Year Fortune Tellers are a fun activity for students to enjoy before they head into summer break.

An example and directions are included to complete this End of Year Fortune Tellers.

By using this End of Year Fortune Tellers, students will answer the questions by writing words and drawing pictures. The answers go in the adjacent triangle with the same number. Students will then color each section, cut out the outer edge of the big square, and then fold the fortune teller!

This End of Year Fortune Teller also includes the instructions on how to play which are specific to be so with a partner:

Each student would take turns picking a category and then spelling the word in bold while opening and closing the fortune teller.
The partner guessing will then pick one of the visible numbers and answer the question.
The student will then open the question being answered to reveal the correct answer.
Students will continue to play, picking a new category. Switching partners to continue having fun!

Instructions on how to fold the End of Year Fortune Tellers are also included!

What's Included

1 PDF with 4 ready to print pages

1 PDF with directions and example

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