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Energy Flow In Ecosystems - 7 Lab Station Activities

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Grade 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Energy Flow in Ecosystems Lab Stations Students will explore energy flow through ecosystems with these engaging lab stations. Over the course of eight stations, learners will get hands-on with drawing activities, conduct online research, watch informative videos, answer knowledge checks, and more. The activities cover key biology concepts like photosynthesis, cellular respiration, food chains, ecological pyramids, and how energy moves through different trophic levels. Students will gain a deeper understanding of these topics while staying engaged through the variety of interactive tasks. To complement the stations, students can work on bonus vocabulary activities during any downtime, with word scrambles and word searches reinforcing key terms. This comprehensive set of activities is designed to boost comprehension and excitement around ecosystem science. With minimal prep required from teachers, it's an impactful addition to any life science curriculum for middle school grades.

What's Included

This lab activity covers:

- Photosynthesis

- Cellular Respiration

- Ecological Niche

- Producers and Consumers

- Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores

- Food Chain

- Trophic Levels

- Food Web

- Ecological pyramid

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