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Energy Flow in Ecosystems - Device-Based Scavenger Hunt Activity

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Grade 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

Energy Flow in Ecosystems - Scavenger Hunt Let your students explore energy flow in ecosystems through this engaging device-based scavenger hunt! With one device per three students, lead small groups on an exploration of food webs, energy flow, photosynthesis, and food chains. The scavenger hunt features five unique tasks accessed by scanning QR codes placed around the classroom. As students move from station to station, they might analyze a simulation, take a quiz, unravel a word scramble, or respond to a news article. The variety keeps them engaged as they reinforce concepts. Tasks require critical thinking but are designed for grades 8-10. Upon completion, students submit answers directly to you via an online form. This paperless activity encourages collaboration, utilizes devices constructively, streamlines assessment, and makes learning fun! With additional hunts available spanning science disciplines, this versatile resource can be implemented repeatedly in various contexts from whole to small group instruction.

What's Included

The Content Includes:

• Food Webs

• Energy Flow

• Photosynthesis

• Food Chains

• The consequences of Energy Flow disruptions - case study

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