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Equations Review Solve One-Step, Two-Step, & Multi-Step Equations

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Grade 7, 8



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About This Product

Equations Review Solve One-Step, Two-Step, & Multi-Step Equations: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

The 'Equations Review Solve One-Step, Two-Step, & Multi Step Equations' resource is a valuable product for educators within public schools and homeschooling environments. Targeted at Grade 7 and Grade 8 teachers who are eager to introduce more engaging methods of teaching algebra.

As a digital tool, it aims to ignite students' interest in solving equations by transforming the typical mathematical study time from routine practices to interactive problem-solving experiences. The main mechanism employed here is Google Sheets in which a special self-checking activity named 'Puzzle Picture Reveal' is included.

A Unique Tool for Boosting Student Engagement:
  • Mystery Picture: With every accurate answer on the digital worksheet, students reveal a hidden picture adding an element of surprise and reward.
  • Real-time Feedback: Students receive instant notification if their answers are correct (solution turns green + revealing part of the photo) or wrong (response turns red).

Included Resources

Apart from the primary 16 question Google Sheet , this package also includes an additional “Show Your Work” page which aids learners in laying out their mathematical problem-solving process – reinforcing essential algebraic skills required for high-end math studies.

Possible Applications:

    Classroom-based activities include:
  1. Bell-Ringer Tasks
  2. Exit Tickets
  3. Homework Assignments / At-home Study:
  4. Checks for Understanding
  5. Warm-up Exercises

This resource adapts seamlessly to various academic settings — from group-based learning contexts seen in public schools to one-on-one instruction found in home-school situations.

Digital Convenience:

All materials are saved online on Google Drive, making it readily accessible for teachers via Google Classroom or other Learning Management Systems. This hands teachers a tool that builds both procedural and conceptual understanding of math among students with zero added preparation time.

With 'Equations Review Solve One-Step, Two-Step, & Multi Step Equations', we are not just practicing equations. Instead, we're presenting Math as an enjoyable puzzle waiting to be resolved – one equation at a time!

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