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Self-Checking Digital Resource: 6th Grade Solve One-Step Equations

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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Looking to reignite the enthusiasm for math in your middle school students? Say goodbye to mundane textbook exercises and introduce them to our exhilarating, self-grading Mystery Picture Reveal on Google Sheet! Dive into One-Step Equations with this self-assessing activity that brings the excitement back to solving equations. I trust this will be as big a hit in your class as it was in mine!

With the Mystery Picture Reveal, the fun begins as students unveil an enigmatic image. They'll tackle each problem using a whiteboard, scratch paper, or the enclosed recording sheet. After cracking the equation, they punch in their solution. Right answers make the cell glow green, revealing part of the image, while wrong ones flash red, keeping the mystery intact.

✨ What's Inside:

  • A set of 16 One-Step Equations Problems on Google Sheets, cutting down on your grading time.

  • A Student Recording Sheet to monitor their problem-solving journey.

  • A handy Teacher Answer Key for swift checking.

🔍 Important Details:

This resource thrives on Google Sheets.

🖥️ How to Use this Digital Asset:

• Kick-start the Morning

• Set the Tone with a Bell Ringer

• Assign as Homework

• Use as an Exit Ticket or Lesson Review

• Heat up with a Math Warm-Up

• A Reteaching/Reviewing Tool

No fuss, no mess! Just upload to your Google Drive and you're set to assign via Google Classroom or any other e-learning platform!

👩‍🏫 Who is this for?

  • Educators in search of tools versatile for in-school and home practice.

  • Those aiming for a balanced blend of procedural and conceptual math mastery.

  • Advocates of digital-centric math drills, reviews, or test preps.

  • Teachers on the lookout for READY-TO-ROLL math challenges.

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