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Solve One-Step Integer Equations:7th Grade Math Self-Checking Digital

An educational teaching resource from Digitally Yours Shop entitled Solve One-Step Integer Equations:7th Grade Math Self-Checking Digital downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 7



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About This Product

Are your middle school students bored with the mundane math exercises from their textbooks or workbooks? Do they find solving equations challenging? Breathe life back into math with this Mystery Picture Reveal Google Sheet, designed to grade itself! This activity, focused on Solving One-Step Integer Equations, is a perfect tool for keeping your students engaged and active in integer equations. I trust your students will find it as entertaining as mine have!

With the Mystery Picture Reveal activity, students answer queries to disclose the secret picture. After working out the problem on a whiteboard, scratch paper, or the provided recording sheet, they type their final solution into the designated cell. Correct answers turn green, revealing a portion of the mystery picture. Incorrect answers, on the other hand, turn red, with no new part of the picture disclosed.


A time-saving set of 16 One-Step Integer Equations Problems in Google Sheets

Student Recording Sheet to document their mathematical process

Teacher Answer Key for added convenience

Important Information:

The digital resource was designed using Google Sheets.

Potential Applications of this Paperless Tool:

Morning Tasks

Bell Ringer Activities

Homework Assignments

Exit Tickets

Checks for Understanding in Lessons

Math Warm-Up Exercises

Reteach/Review Sessions

This resource is ready to go! Upon adding it to your Google Drive, you can immediately assign it to your students using Google Classroom or any other Learning Management System!

Ideal Buyers for this Resource:

Educators in search of resources that can be utilized both in the classroom and at home for practice

Teachers seeking resources that review BOTH procedural and conceptual understanding of math content

Educators looking for digital math activities for review, test preparation, or practice

Teachers on the lookout for READY-TO-GO math activities.

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