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Escape Middle School SEL Boom Cards (Transitioning to high school)

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Life Skills


Grade 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Escape Middle School SEL Boom Cards

Escape Middle School SEL Boom Cards offer an interactive and engaging way for students transitioning from middle to high school. This bundle features a 38 Boom card deck escape room, which can be played by 7th to 9th graders, providing them an enjoyable route towards their graduation on time!

The SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Boom Cards

  • Cover areas relevant to the transition phase such as peer pressure, soft skills, SMART goals and strategies for dealing with sports stress.
  • To make learning more immersive yet fun-filled, the deck integrates GIFS throughout along with a video song link of Pomp & Circumstance upon completion.
    • A Nine Puzzle Journey:
    1. This dynamic resource encourages student participation and intellectual growth by offering nine thought-provoking puzzles followed by one fill-in-the-blank word puzzle at the end.
    2. The accomplishment of each puzzle reveals letters that eventually form the final word that liberates student from conceptual middle school constrictions.

Whether handling it individually as homework or tackling it in small breakout groups in class; Escape Middle School SEL fits seamlessly into different teaching approaches. Not only does this enrich their knowledge base but also helps foster critical thinking skills necessary for success in high school.

Note: Remember that Internet connectivity is required to use Boom Cards on modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge along with apps compatible with Androids, iPhones and Kindle Fires. The purchase offers Fast Pins for immediate self-grading feedback assignment options.
    About Premium Account:
  • You would need a premium account for added features like progress reports.
  • New users are offered a free trial option (refer provided link).

Possessing excellent potential as an instructional tool across special resources and life skill subjects; this game-like format offers creative ways to reinforce crucial concepts linked with adolescence maturation process hence proving handy during transitional phase training. Brighten up your classroom environment while enhancing essential middle school-graduated knowledge using Escape Middle School SEL Boom Cards!

What's Included

A PDF with the paid link embedded in the image. Click on the image.

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