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SEL Boom Cards-Escape The Amusement Park! Plus Extension Handout

SEL Boom Cards-Escape The Amusement Park! Plus Extension Handout
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About This Product

SEL Boom Cards-Escape The Amusement Park! Plus Extension Handout

An engaging and enjoyable teaching resource is the key to an effective learning experience. With the SEL Boom Cards-Escape The Amusement Park! Plus Extension Handout, educators can provide their students with this dynamic hands-on adventure. This amusement-themed escape room deck engages students in solving various puzzles while simultaneously teaching important life skills. The goal here is not only fun and entertainment. While navigating through puzzles, learners will gain vital knowledge about different types of thoughts, understand how to manage emotions effectively and explore ways to analyze why they might be feeling low or upset. Furthermore, this deck also introduces the concept of SMART goals aiming at enhancing decision-making abilities.

As a practical note, some reading engagement is required in this interactive learning process which makes it highly suited for Grade 2 and above.

  • Educators: Working with younger students in Grade 1? Group sessions are significantly beneficial where words can be read out loud or parents involved if needed.
  • Younger Learners: Longer passages that demand attention but might seem daunting? Audio support on these cards will make absorbing information easier!
An added bonus?- Once the escape room adventure concludes with achieving the final password Play!, an extension handout further enriches student's understanding by correlating strategies from interactive gameplay with images making it more comprehensible for them.
This resource offers versatility; it can operate as an individual assignment or as collective classroom activities depending upon educator's requirements – thus catering both group studies and self-paced learning at once!
To enjoy interactive learning using these brilliant tools - a crucial requirement would be internet connectivity as SEL Boom Cards-Escape The Amusement Park! plus Extension Handout are designed keeping web compatibility front-and-center – right from popular browsers to modern apps.

Who is it targeted for?

This product is comprehensively targeted at Grade 1 to Grade 3 - studying Special Resources or Life Studies – more specifically in areas like Social Emotional Learning or Special Education Needs (SEN) focusing particularly on enhancing much-needed social skills in early years of academic journey providing a solid foundation for years ahead.

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