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Être - Aller - Avoir - Faire Dice Game - 6 Tenses - Jeu de Dès

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Être - Aller - Avoir - Faire Dice Game – 6 Tenses (Jeu de Dès)

This is a versatile and engaging teaching resource, specifically designed for grade levels 7 to 12. It caters to the needs of students learning World Languages with a special focus on French.

The essential French verbs être, aller, avoir, and faire are targeted by this resource that offers an innovative method for practice — dice games.

  • The package contains six well-structured themed games—one per tense—with each game encompassing approximately a 30-minute duration.
  • The presented tenses include:
    • Present tense
    • Passé composé (compound past)
    • Imperfect tense or imparfait (simplified past)
    • Futur simple (simple future)
    • Conditional mood or conditionnel présent (present conditional)
    • Présent du subjonctif (present subjunctive).
    • The preparation is simple; just print out the materials included in its PDF document—comprising five different versions suited to varying levels of competence.
    • In these games, students divide into teams and roll dice which determine the subject-and-verb combinations they must conjugate.
    • On observing your classroom activities using these resources, expect delight in seeing your students willingly take up leadership roles within their groups while helping each other with verb conjugations. .
    • In a nutshell: this captivating game-based teaching tool doesn't merely offer comprehensive instructions—it helps imbue passion for language learning among students and paves a path towards French mastery.

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