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French Verbs Être Aller Avoir Faire Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

French Verbs Être Aller Avoir Faire Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

This versatile teaching aid designed for French educators and homeschoolers focuses on grades 7 to 10. It presents a sky-high solution for students to practice conjugating common irregular verbs in an engaging manner.

Why choose this game?
  • It leverages the popularity of 'rock, paper, scissors', making the learning process more exciting.
  • The game induces usage of French phrases like "La pierre écrase les ciseaux" enhancing language proficiency.

A unique feature of this game is its adaptability. You can adjust the verb tenses according to your class's learning level or needs. The zero-prep requirement makes it a convenient tool—just make copies, laminate them if needed—and you're all set!

  • Instructions in English: The package comes with comprehensive instructions easy-to-follow for both you and any substitutes you may have.
  • Covers Four Key Verbs:: être, aller, avoir and faire. These are covered across five games including one where all four get mixed.

Making Absence Easy

Since instructions are written down in English; non-French speaking substitutes will find leading your class a breeze with this resource. Concatenate great active learning material that lessens teachers' prep-load? Your choice is straightforward — "French Verbs Être Aller Avoir Faire Conjugation Game - Rock Paper Scissors" Remember – reaching 'la fin' is long as your students stay sharp on conjugating those verbs.

What's Included

6 PDFs

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