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European Portuguese: a minha família - My Family

European Portuguese: a minha família - My Family
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Are you an educator who aims at unveiling the wonders of world languages to your learners? Do you want your pupils to make a linguistic leap beyond English? The 'European Portuguese: a minha família - My Family' is the ideal solution. This resource will excite young learners, introducing them gently into the sphere of European Portuguese through vivid and comprehensive flashcards.

The robust toolkit offers an engrossing way of teaching kindergarteners up to grade 4 students on how to identify and enunciate their family members' titles in Portuguese. It harnesses visual cues which aids word recognition and assist students in retaining this new language effectively.

This teaching asset comes with:

  • Twelve illustrated bilingual flashcards which cover basic household relationships including immediate family like parents and siblings
  • Including extended relations such as grandparents also adding pets such as cats and dogs.

The images bundled are engaging yet simple, perfect for capturing young minds' imagination while ensuring their understanding without overwhelming.

The 'European Portuguese: a minha família - My Family', being engagingly informative without complexity gives educators flexibility on how it can be utilized either in classrooms as full-group activities or smaller clusters via rotating learning stations or even interesting homework assignments.

This five pages PDF digital assets come handy for:

  • Preparing kids towards expanding their world view beyond conventional geographic walls
  • Grooming them from the regular comfort of any chosen learning environment.
Learning another language can appear daunting for some pupils, but with resources like this one it significantly enhances comprehension plus giving them confidence while exploring foreign languages which they might otherwise consider overwhelming.

Eliminate any linguistic intimidation among your pupils today by incorporating 'European Portuguese: a minha família – my family' into your curriculum. Embrace this effective expansionary tool tailored at bridging formational knowledge voids among kids globally from kindergarten through fourth grades under the beautiful but often shortchanged subject-world languages! Start infusing vibrance of learning with this tools' powerful yet simple touch!

What's Included

A PDF with 5 pages.

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