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Facts About the Statue of Liberty

An educational teaching resource from Life with 5 Boys entitled Facts About the Statue of Liberty downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Facts About the Statue of Liberty This printable reading comprehension resource teaches students key details about the Statue of Liberty. After learning about this iconic American symbol, students read a factual passage and answer questions using complete sentences. They also color in a drawing of Lady Liberty. This versatile resource works for whole group instruction, independent practice, or as a quick informal quiz. Use it to supplement social studies and ELA lessons for 3rd-5th graders learning about U.S. symbols and landmarks or American history. With an emphasis on close reading for key facts, it helps students strengthen comprehension skills. The passage and questions are written at an intermediate elementary level.

What's Included

This product contains 4 pages for you to give to students. There is one page of reading and three pages with questions. There are 10 questions altogether.

I have also included an answer key.

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Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty activities United States United States activities United States Landmarks

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