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Facts About Mount Rushmore

An educational teaching resource from Life with 5 Boys entitled Facts About Mount Rushmore downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Facts About Mount Rushmore is an informative text resource about the famous American landmark, designed for 3rd-5th grade students. It begins by introducing Mount Rushmore as an important American symbol, honoring four great U.S. presidents through stone carvings. It then describes key details about the memorial's construction and features, including the challenging process of carving into a mountain. The reading ends by highlighting why Mount Rushmore has become an iconic landmark that draws so many visitors each year - to learn about these influential presidents and witness this impressive sculpture. Two comprehension questions allow students to reflect on the main facts. This versatile resource can be used for whole group learning, independent work, or assessment. Overall, it is an engaging way for upper elementary students to expand their knowledge of an important U.S. monument.

What's Included

This product contains 4 pages for you to give to students. There is one page of reading and three pages with questions. There are 10 questions altogether.

I have also included an answer key.

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Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore Activity United States History United States Landmarks 5 facts about mount rushmore

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