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Fall Theme Calendar Pieces

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Fall Theme Calendar Pieces

The Fall Theme Calendar Pieces are an engaging addition to your classroom during the striking fall season of September, October, and November. Tailored for learners from pre-school up till grade 3, this teaching resource perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Fall.

Painstakingly put together by a proficient educator, this set includes:

  • Calendar numbers: Adorned with vibrant images of apples, leaves, cider and pie – arranged in a stimulating ABCD pattern – making learning a fun activity.

  • Year cards: Spanning all the way from 2022 to 2030 - ensuring both fun and longevity.

  • Holiday Cards: Displaying popular occasions like Labor Day and Grandparent’s Day along with fun days like Mean Girls’ Day or National Taco Day. These help foster broader cultural awareness amongst children.

  • Birthday Cards: These can be personalized to celebrate birthdays within your class community linking learning with daily life experiences.

  • No School &Vacation Cards: A unique combination which keeps students aware and involved even beyond academics mirroring real-life scenarios.

Versatility & Convenience

The pieces go beyond purely decorative function; they serve as practical tools fostering cognitive activities such as number recognition within pocket chart calendars or other creativity enhancing tasks. Easily downloadable type PDF files ensure high print quality thus maintaining their charm every time you use them! So remember, "It's about adding color not just to classrooms but young minds too!"

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