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Farmhouse Door Set: Letter Board/Shelf Display

An educational teaching resource from The Simplistic Teacher entitled Farmhouse Door Set: Letter Board/Shelf Display downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Farmhouse Door Set: Letter Board/Shelf Display

This educational kit serves as a flexible and creative solution for classroom decor and functional reminder boards. Designed to aid in the organization of classroom activities, it maintains an attractive learning environment.

Easily Adaptable Design

The door decor set is changeable allowing teachers to keep things fresh without having to replace the entire setup each month. Serves as an effective bulletin board or display area.

Included Resources:

  • Classroom Sweet Classroom letters in black and white- Creates a welcoming atmosphere.
  • An array of editable items-Such as envelope clipart, coffee cups, binders, and gold frames allow customization according to preference or pertinent themes.
  • Watercolor plants accessory-Adds tranquility within the teaching atmosphere whilst light-colored wood shelves serve storage and display purposes
  • Memo Cards-
  • -Unparalleled communication tools
    • To post announcements
    • To checkpoint instructions
Honorable mention:--includes two oil painting prints promoting art appreciation amongst students.
Simpler Assembly Process:

This easy-to-assemble feature allows piecing two pages together facilitated by laminated surfaces guaranteeing durability ideal for long-term use.
Letters are saved in PDF & PNG format designed with cutting machines compatibility which elevates level of efficiency during assembly process differentiating other products where larger resources do not include poster option guaranteeing more scalability.

In essence, The Farmhouse Door Set: Letter Board/Shelf Display bridges creative enrichments & practical needs of a dynamic teaching environment enhancing learning experiences guaranteed to invite curiosity, joy and ownership within the classroom journey.

What's Included

+ "Classroom Sweet Classroom" letters in black and white

+ watercolor plants

+ subway tile backsplash (piece 2 pages together)

+ light colored wood shelves (piece together)

+ light colored frames for letter board and reminder board (piece together)

+ editable envelop clipart

+ editable coffee cups

+ editable binders

+ editable memo cards

+ editable gold frames

+ 2 oil painting prints

+ letters for your letter board

+ letters are saved in PDF and PNG format to make easier to use with a cutting machine

+ can be used as a bulletin board as well

Check the PDF to find everything you need. The PNG file contains the letters to use with a cutting machine

**I simply used white copy paper and colored card stock to complete this door** It helps if the editable backgrounds for your reminder board and letter board are laminated, as well as your letters. For the plants, you can leave a thin white edging around to make cutting easier.

If you're familiar with my other products, please note: These resources are larger in scale and therefore do not include the poster option

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