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Figurative Language

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Grade 2, 3





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Figurative Language Teaching Resources

Figurative Language is an exceptional learning tool designed to make studying fun and engaging for Grades 2 and 3 students. The tool concentrates on Language Arts, Strategies, and Literature subtopics.

This resource addresses the common challenge of identifying figurative language in literature. It comprises five comprehensive activities that guide learners towards comprehension.

  • Activity One: Starts by encouraging learners to spot instances of figurative usage within given paragraphs.

  • Activity Two: Progresses to an 'Evidence Chart' task deepening understanding of authors' creative use of words.

  • We've redirected focus onto understanding idioms with engaging ‘Scoot’ games (activity three) & 'What Do You Mean?' sheets (activity four).

  • Closes with a well-structured idiom sheet—further testing skills acquired from preceding activities.

The resources come as printable PDF worksheets suitable for either large or smaller group study sessions. These are low-prep but high-yield teaching aids, ideally suited for early-stage Language Arts.

This Figurative Language resource is a ready to use resource. The 24 pages included are sure to engage your students in the recognition and practice of use of figurative language.

This Figurative Language resource was designed for students in 2nd and 3rd grades, though it can be used in other grades as well.

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