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Firefighters Carpet Song

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About This Product

Firefighters Carpet Song

The Firefighters Carpet Song is a delightful and interactive teaching resource designed for children ranging from preschool to grade 3. This educational tool perfectly suits both public school teachers and homeschooling parents.


The Firefighters Carpet Song centrally involves a rhyme or poem designed for carpet time activities. It integrates the teaching of basic math concepts, specifically subtraction and quantity up to 5 or 10, all while creatively involving elements related to firefighters - making it perfect for any thematic unit focusing on transportation, fire safety or community helpers.

Action Steps

  1. Preparation:, Print, cut out and laminate themed shapes provided in the resource. For variability in difficulty levels multiple copies can be made.

  2. Song Time:, Engage students with a tune reminiscent of 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush', with each round reducing the number firefighters - introducing subtraction in an enjoyable way.

  3. Creativity:, Additionally this resource comes with a black-and-white version where children get an opportunity to design their own brave team of five firefighting heroes!

In Conclusion,

You have access to this fun-packed educational activity as well as many more on Teachers Pay Teachers platform where you can find other themed carpet songs growing bundle awaiting exploration! Get your hands on Firefighter Carpet Song, conveniently ready as PDF files ensuring smooth preparation period before class begins!

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