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Flipbook Syllabus-Editable

Flipbook Syllabus-Editable
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About This Product

The Flipbook Syllabus-Editable: A Must-Have Teaching Resource

The Flipbook Syllabus-Editable is a tool designed for seamless integration into interactive notebooks in classrooms. This customizable teaching resource can be easily tailored to include specific class details, enabling teachers to effectively communicate crucial information about the curriculum, timetables, rules and expectations.

Unique Features and Functionalities

  • An excellent fit in the pages of a composition notebook or larger spiral notebooks.
  • Editability feature for educators to update class-specific details over existing guide information.
  • Fosters parental engagement with provision for signature confirmation of receipt and understanding.
  • Fully usable across all grades with no restriction - from elementary schools through high schools.
  • Easily accommodates school holidays planning apart from basic syllabus-related aspects.

Digital Compatibility & Flexibility

The product comes in Microsoft PowerPoint file format ensuring practically universal compatibility across various digital platforms at schools while offering substantial flexibility for recurring edits.

In sum, whether used during group instruction sessions or within small group interactions - as reference during homework assignments or independent study periods – the Flipbook Syllabus-Editable serves as a dynamic tool promoting organized learning environments where both teaching instructions and students' studies can be methodically streamlined.

What's Included

I use interactive notebooks in my classroom, this is a flipbook that can be glued or into a composition notebook. The flip book syllabus will also fit in a larger spiral notebook, as well. All of the slides are completely editable. All you need to do is add your own class information over the top of mine. I left my information in as a guide for you.

Students must get their parents to read and sign it .

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