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Flower Life Cycle Adapted Book Slide Deck

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Flower Life Cycle Adapted Book Slide Deck

The Flower Life Cycle Adapted Book Slide Deck is an academically-effective and exciting teaching resource that aligns perfectly with the subject of language arts. This product has been created for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders, catering to a variety of educators - from public school teachers to homeschooling parents.

This interactive slide deck focuses on the life cycle of a flower, creating an excellent cross-curricular connection between language arts and science topics. It provides an opportunity for young learners to enhance their vocabulary skills while exploring this scientific topic.

Presentation Format:

The slide deck is presented in PowerPoint format which can be readily converted for Google Slides use if needed. With delightful graphics spread across 11 slides, this resource is designed strategically to drive reading comprehension through its nine-page adapted book featuring wh-questions about related vocabulary words.

  • Bridging Literacy and Science:
  • Besides improving reading comprehension skills among students, this resource also enhances their understanding of plant life cycles – thus bridging language arts and science literacy.

  • Aiding Visual Learning:
  • To aid visual learning further, there are two labeling slides where students will learn how to accurately label the parts of a flower as well as its overall life cycle steps.

Educational Flexibility:

This product adapts well with various instructional approaches such as facilitating whole group instruction or fostering small group activities hence offering great flexibility during lesson planning. It's equally valuable for homeschooling parents when it comes to teaching foundational knowledge about plant life cycles in addition to improving literacy skills.


No prep work is needed prior by teachers or parents, thereby saving them critical time in pre-lesson planning. In other words, it’s an efficient resource for those seeking engaging yet simple ways to teach complex subjects!

What's Included

PowerPoint document formatted for Google Slides as well.

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