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Frog Life Cycle Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Frog Life Cycle Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

This is a dynamic and engaging interactive resource designed to enrich your science lessons on frogs and their life cycle. It features a compelling, 10-slide presentation with an integrated 9-page adapted book full of fascinating information about frogs.

  • Educates students about where frogs live
  • Weaves in details about their diet and role in our ecosystem
  • Provides integrated tasks like reading comprehension questions to showcase learned knowledge
  • Incorporates labeling slides for detailing each phase of the frog lifecycle; from egg, tadpole, froglet to adult stage.

Convenient & User-friendly Resource

This versatile teaching resource caters to children at various learning stages. Whether they are preschoolers just embarking on their learning journey or first graders grasping more complex concepts. The deck is No-Prep Slides - ready-to-use without needing any extra preparation.

Bonus Features:

  1. Formated for Google Slides alongside Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Promotes remote teaching seamlessly and makes homeschooling interactive & fun!
In Conclusion:

Frog Life Cycle Adapted Book Slide Deck can bring vibrancy into your traditional classroom settings or homeschooling arrangements aiming to introduce elements of zoology interactively. Here's an exciting opportunity to make your science lessons more engaging, enjoyable yet impactful! Leap forward towards creating scientifically literate future generations!

What's Included

PowerPoint formatted for Google Slides too

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