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Flowers Themed Token Boards | Behavior Management Boards

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About This Product

Flowers Themed Token Boards | Behavior Management Boards

These are an excellent tool for educators looking to foster a positive and disciplined teaching environment. They're designed to tactfully address refusal and disrespectful behaviors common among preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1-2 students.

Main Objectives:

  • Behavior modification: Teachers can easily pinpoint behavioral changes they hope to encourage (like reducing interruptions or boosting active participation) and link them to equivalent rewards on the vivid Token Boards.
Product Details:
  1. A collection of 13 engaging Flowers Themed Boards with captivating visuals sure to attract any student's attention.
  2. A set of 30 pre-designed Rewards Tokens plus an additional set of 15 Blank Reward Tokens. The blank tokens allow customization based on individual student tastes or teacher-defined privileges – making motivation both personalized and practical!
  3. Ten unique character trackers that keep students engaged in tracking their own progress towards acquiring their rewards.
  4. Picturesque black-and-white copies for all items provided as we value your convenience!
To use these resources effectively:

Educators simply need to print, laminate, then add velcro dots onto the provided token boards. Students can physically record successful behavior milestones by accumulating tokens onto their customized reward boards throughout the day or week – choose whatever scheme works best for you!

This versatile resource is compatible with a broad spectrum of pedagogical approaches - be it group activities where all students work cohesively towards maintaining classroom harmony or individual-centric teaching styles where every student has unique behavioral objectives depending on his/her specific needs.

Possible Teaching Applications:
  • Influencing individual learners positively through one-to-one sessions.
  • Enhancing collaborative principles during group exercises.
  • Usage as in-class interactive methods to showcase real-time behavior management outcomes.
  • Nurturing discipline subtly via homework assignments using token boards.

This teaching tool, informed by the tenets of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Life Skills, is undoubtedly a valuable choice for educators seeking a well-managed, respectful classroom atmosphere!

The Flowers Themed Token Boards | Behavior Management Boards are available in the simple-to-access PDF format – download it directly from our site to make this essential addition to your teaching arsenal!

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