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Footprint 1 to 100 Numbers Game

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About This Product

Footprint 1 to 100 Numbers Game: An Innovative Educational Resource

The Footprint 1 to 100 Numbers Game is a versatile and dynamic teaching resource designed for early learners, kindergarteners, preschoolers, and first graders. This engaging learning tool affords educators a unique way to introduce students to numbers while also encouraging the development of gross motor skills. The game format aids in cultivating a sense of fun around mathematics, aiming to install microscopic seeds of passion for the subject from an early age.

A Multipurpose Product

This multipurpose product consists of a set of 100 number-printed footprints. With available formats in both A5 and A4 sizes, educators have the flexibility to adapt it according to educational objectives and classroom or playing space size. The materials are intended for use outdoors or within gymnasium environments allowing students to move around freely.

Variety Of Mathematical Activities:
  • SImple Counting Ventures: Each footprint showcases numbers from one through 100; these can be utilized for simple counting endeavors.
  • Prompt Number Recognition Skills: Students can acquire rapid recognition skills regarding number order by using these footprints.
  • Numerical Sequences Learning: They can be used as stepping stones on sequences like multiples of five or ten - enabling concept versatility that aids long-term memory retention while keeping things stimulating.

Different Uses:

The footprints demonstrate their compatibility with multiple uses:

  • Flashcards:You may use them as flashcards for recognizing numbers quickly;
  • Floor Tiles/Numbered Markers: They can serve as numeric markers when spread out across rooms.
  • Wall-Tiles: These footprints can be placed on walls to make math visually omnipresent which fosters constant incidental revision.
  • Gross Motor Skill Reinforcement:Last but not the least, these numbers can be integrated into obstacle courses to facilitate movement stimulation.

To maximize durability due its anticipated continuous use across multiple academic years, it is recommended that each footprint be laminated prior application. Non-slip netting should also be applied to each footprint’s laminated side for improved safety measures.

Digital Accessibility

In addition to physical teaching resources, the Footprint 1 to 100 Numbers Game material is available as a PDF download - perfect for remote learning scenarios and facilitating home-based learning initiatives in addition to its school-focused applications. This game caters gorgeously for group activities or individual homework assignments reinforcing number concepts underwent during school hours.

In essence, this innovative educational resource merges learning with play - truly a cornerstone when constructing foundational math skills in young learners.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains a set of 100 number footprints. This product comes in both A5 size footprints and A4 size footprints.

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