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Force: Force and Mass - FLASH-PC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Force: Force and Mass - FLASH-PC

An all-inclusive tool, specifically designed for teachers with the aim to facilitate teaching of physics concepts pertaining to force and mass. This software-oriented lesson plan is ideal for students in grades 5 through 8, offering a comprehensive insight into these crucial scientific principles.

Leverages esteemed Curriculum Standards:

Taking its basis from authoritative curriculum standards such as the Common Core State Standards, it provides educators with high-quality instructional techniques.

Incorporates Bloom's Taxonomy:

This product proves beneficial for teachers looking to incorporate Bloom's taxonomy administration strategies within their lessons.

Reading Passages Included:
  • Specially crafted reading passages that explain the principles of force and mass are presented.
  • These come equipped with guided questions served both pre and post reading engagement that stimulate comprehension while concurrently fostering higher understanding levels.

Reinforce concepts with printable materials:

  • A portion of included resources comprises of printable materials; an excellent avenue to encourage tactile learner engagement – as part of classwork or extended homework tasks reaching beyond classroom environments.

Vocabulary Flashcards:

  • To boost student vocabulary related to mass and force, handy flashcards are incorporated into this resourceful software package serving tool during full-class instruction or smaller break-out sessions enabling individualized focused attention – effectively consolidating understandings one term at a time!

Multimodal Instructional Methods Incorporated:

  1. This program includes video clips targeting relevant subject areas enhancing auditory learning experience.
  2. Furthermore, interactive activities solidify kinaesthetic experiences within physics education making the learning process fun-filled!
Fits varied educational needs:

Flexibility is a key feature with this uncomplicated program! It can be seamlessly integrated into standard public school teaching, small education circles, or homeschooled curricula – serving various differentiated needs effectively meeting all student’s academic requirements while sparking intrigue for complex subject matter.

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