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Number & Operations - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 6-8 - FLASH-PC

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Grade 6, 7

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About This Product


The Number & Operations - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 6-8 - FLASH-PC is a high-qu ality teaching resource, helping educators teach Math effectively to students in grades 6 to 8. This math program offers over 320 unique activities spread across more than 80 interactive screen pages.

Coverage of Curriculum Standards and Key Concepts

The lesson plan covers all expectations within the NCTM and Core Curriculum Math standards for Numbers & Operations. It includes problems related to key concepts like:

  • Place value,
  • Fractions,
  • Decimals,
  • Multiplication, Division ratios,
  • Percentsages.

Rigorous Practice for Students

We understand that continuous practice helps in retention, hence the course contains:

  1. An impressive total of 60 pre-assessment activities.
  2. Around forty word problems centered on real-life scenarios encouraging practical application.
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    Further there are additional opportunities for learners through series of:

    1. An additional 225 drill problems designed for procedural proficiency skills strengthening.
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Favouring All Types of Learners: Interactivity and Inclusivity

  • Inclusion of math tools like imperial and metric measures along with English and Spanish Text-to-Speech capabilities encourages ease in comprehension for diverse learners.
  • Teachers can facilitate both, online and offline learning with interactive lessons online and printable materials.

Test Prep Resources

This plan includes comprehensive assessments designed to acquaint students with exam format and instill confidence before the upcoming assessments.

Gaming Elements: Learning Becomes Fun

For enhancing engagement, the software has fun elements like memory match games board games as well as spinner games making the learning process enjoyable and keeping up the motivation levels high.

Evaluation: Success is Trackable

Lastly at the end of every chapter an assessment quiz analyses student progress timely acting as a feedback mechanism rendering this digital lesson plan not only highly useful but also efficient.
In Conclusion
This education product caters to all aspects foundational number operations understanding requires navigating middle school mathematics whether used for a whole group or small group or individually assigned homework.

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