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Forces and Motion Full Unit

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Grade 3, 4





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About This Product

Forces and Motion Full Unit Overview

The Forces and Motion Full Unit offers a comprehensive set of educational materials focused on physics for Grade 3 Science. This carefully constructed package, which can also be used for Grade 4, maintains alignment with the Ontario Grade 3 Science curriculum guidelines but also has versatile utility across different jurisdictions.

Main Elements of the Course:

  • Detailed readings and activities centered around ten specific direct and indirect forces.
  • In-depth comprehension questions encouraging comprehensive understanding.
  • A variety of assessments to measure student understanding effectively.
  • Creative elements like a mind map and word search puzzle to enhance engagement.

This unit helps learners grasp essential aspects of forces - what they are, their impact, importance, and how to identify different types in nature such as gravity, magnetic force, static force among others. Teachers will find this resource easy to use in group lessons or smaller peer groups learning situations.

Additional Resources:
  1. Printable Worksheets:
  2. The worksheets supplied lend support for classroom tasks or home assignments.
  3. Vocabulary List & Definitions:
  4. A vocabulary guide is provided for mastering scientific terminology related to the subject.

All these resources are downloadable as PDF files post-purchase saving teachers preparation time. This blend of theoretical content coupled with interactive activities makes it an enriching teaching aid; paving way towards creating an exciting inquiry-based learning environment around conceptualizing motion and forces.


What's Included


Detailed readings and activities

Reading comprehension questions

Printable worksheets

Various assessments

Vocabulary list & definitions

Forces “Big Ideas” mind map

KWL Chart

Forces word search

Create your own word search

Assessments Included:

Forces & Movement unit test

Cross circular assessments:

“A Day Without Gravity” writing assessment (rubric included)

“A Day at the Cabin” reading assessment (answer key included)

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forces motion physics curriculum activities

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