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1st Grade Reading Street HFW Unit 4

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About This Product

1st Grade Reading Street High Frequency Words Unit 4 This 1st grade spelling resource provides practice with the high frequency words introduced in Unit 4 of the Reading Street curriculum. The printable PDF packet includes all the sight words for the 6 weeks of this unit. To use this resource, students will roll a die and write each word in the color number they roll. This engaging activity is perfect for morning work, early finishers, or additional spelling practice. It can be used individually, in small groups, or with the whole class. Implementing this game into language arts rotations enhances student mastery of sight word recognition and spelling while keeping learners actively engaged. With multiple opportunities for repeated exposure, students gain fluency with these essential words that foster reading proficiency. This teacher-created packet aligns with 1st grade Reading Street and provides a fun way to help students commit these high utility words to memory.

What's Included

1 PDF with 42 ready to print pages

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Reading Street curriculum high frequency words spelling words roll and write

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