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Four Square for Writing Assessment - Secondary: A Companion to the Four Square Writing Method

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Four Square for Writing Assessment - Secondary: A Companion to the Four Square Writing Method downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Four Square for Writing Assessment - Secondary: A Companion to the Four Square Writing Method

This is a teaching resource meticulously designed to bolster the writing aptitude of students in Grade 7, Grade 8, and Grade 9. By harnessing this exceptional resource, educators can easily instill a structured four-square approach for brainstorming into their students. This approach empowers learners with novel techniques to review and revise initial drafts with a simple three-step process.

The Importance of Structured Writing on Assessment Day

Structured and focused writing is essential on assessment day since teachers cannot intercede or aid with disputes between students - skills which this product extensively nurtures. With every student's writing needing to be organized, engaging, rich in details yet focused on an assessment day; what drives them towards triumph is having an efficient plan at hand. The four-square method augmented in this teaching resource serves as that foolproof plan steering students towards stellar written assessments.

Invaluable Lesson Plans Enclosed for Streamlined Teaching

  • Contained within one easy-to-use PDF file are invaluable lesson plans fostering advancements not just within Language Arts but its subsubject – Writing too.
  • These lesson plans are versatile enough to be used across various teaching formats such as whole group sessions, smaller groups or even as homework assignments augmenting after-school learning experiences.

Leveraging Engaging Exercises For Enhanced Learning Outcome

Encapsulating engaging exercises plus thought-provoking challenges in 'Four Square for Writing Assessment - Secondary' becomes instrumental when educators aim at refining their student's understanding of organized essay-writing structures whilst simultaneously honing their revision abilities.

The Must-Have Resource For Future Writers

All said and done; teachers who consider it paramount that their pupils embrace efficient brainstorming tactics whilst mastering draft revisions will find 'Four Square for Writing Assessment - Secondary' meeting all those requirements seamlessly; making it the best way for our future writers to get the job done right!

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