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Four Square: The Personal Writing Coach for Grades 4-6:

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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Four Square: The Personal Writing Coach for Grades 4-6

This is an innovative teaching resource that helps students become competent and confident writers. Specifically designed for grades 4 through 6, the material covers a wide spectrum of writing aspects:

  • Prewriting strategies like art and word association
  • Planning and composing prose pieces.
The book's unique feature lies in its approach to make writing less daunting. Through carefully planned exercises, learners dive into the colorful world of language arts. These exercises target improvement in:
  • Word choice,
  • Sentence structure,
  • Paragraph development, and
  • /i>

    The topics chosen are close to students' hearts which aid free expression as they polish their writing skills at the same time.

    Versatility in Use

    The resource can be seamlessly integrated into any learning environment:

      M/b>. mi lstmaller group settings or paired work initiatives - study circles, peer tutoring programs promoting mutual critique and creative thinking.discussions on relatable themes.e olbrss= Four Square: The Personal Writing Coach for Grades 4-6 stands as an invaluable add-on to your teaching toolkit.

      Focused on nurturing creativity, communication skills and courage in writing, this book empowers children to relentlessly explore the broad landscape of words.

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