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Fraction Practice Questions With Answers (Age 9-12)

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About This Product

Fraction Practice Questions With Answers (Age 9-12)

Fraction Practice Questions With Answers (Age 9-12) is a meticulous pack of exercises aimed at fostering a strong understanding of fractions in students aged between 9 to 12. This teaching resource targets the key struggle areas and hard-to-grasp concepts in mathematics that typically affect young learners. The collection provides extensive practice sessions with a focus on both easy and complicated topics.


  • The resource delves into various aspects regarding fractions. It includes working out the fraction of a shaded shape, exploring half, quarter, or three-quarter of an amount and establishing an understanding of fractions as integral parts of wholes.
  • Additionally, it features exercises on finding equivalent fractions and cancelling down to the lowest terms.
  • Apart from this, it extends its reach to tackle more advanced areas like finding the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), arranging fractions according to size or magnitude, adding up, subtracting multiplying and dividing diverse fractions along with comprehending improper fractions.

Note: This comprehensive pack was constructed keeping in mind the need for greater engagement towards each mathematical concept under discussion. It firmly believes in student interaction through multiple exercises fostering not just higher-order thinking but also concreteness in comprehension leading towards higher math skills acquisition.


The resource can serve as an invaluable tool during whole group instruction or personalized elective small groups cutting across grade levels such as Grade 4 through Grade 6 Maths classrooms or can be handed over as single academic tasks for homework assignments thus providing reinforcement after school hours. This product comes complete with answers ensuring evaluation ease while leaving ample room for educator intervention also making it favourable among homeschoolers who wish to strengthen their curriculum foundation in Mathematics particularly focusing on Fractions subtopic.


Being user-friendly PDF type worksheets format spanning across elaborate sixty-three page layout is cherry-on-top accessibility feature benefiting both educators trying to make abstract mathematical models highly tactile ones while including diversity among learners’ experience enriching arithmetic journey holistically.

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63 pages

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