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Français 2: Cercle littéraire: Petit Nicolas

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Français 2: Cercle littéraire: Petit Nicolas

The Français 2: Cercle littéraire: Petit Nicolas is a versatile teaching resource designed to enhance French language learning for intermediate level students. Ideal for public school teachers and homeschoolers alike, the product offers an innovative way of integrating literature into language instruction through engaging activities utilizing synchronous and asynchronous learning modes.

This product provides structure for implementing a virtual reading circle around the popular "Petit Nicolas" series by René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé, widely recognized as valuable authentic resources in teaching French.

"Petit Nicolas" stories included:

  • "Je fume"

  • "Rex"

  • "Monsieur Bordenave n'aime pas le soleil"

The Process:

Using these narratives, students will conduct reading circles on platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet after individual readings. These discussions represent an effective way to exercise and improve summarizing skills while also mastering circumlocution practices.

The activity is structured with clear guidelines ensuring smooth interactions during the sessions. It targets learners who already possess a solid proficiency level in French but require exercises towards refining their understanding of nuances within the language.


While it integrates well into classrooms at Grade 9 up to Grade 12, the resource may also be used effectively beyond these grade levels given its flexible design aimed at varied proficiency levels.

About Series:

As part of the broader “World Languages” subject category focusing on French education specifically, this tool makes up one component – or Unit of Study – within a series directed towards enhancing language comprehension skills holistically.

Accessible via Google Docs™️, Français 2: Cercle littéraire : Petit Nicolas allows teachers to source quality material reliably and conveniently online. This educational tool represents not just an approachable pathway to global literacy but also lends itself generously towards building cultural competence through foreign language study.

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